Possession is Viktoria’s third F/W collection after ‘The Tie’ and ‘In The Cocoon’, taking her silicone rubber art to the level of evening gowns and coats covered all with glitter and hand paints. She has been selected to showcase her collection receiving a significant sponsorship opportunity in the framework of CAAFD Emerging Designers showcase at New York Fashion Week, at Industria SuperStudios in February of 2019.


The designer was always into creating her own unique patterns allowing her to make one of a kind pieces. In recent years she used 3D geometric patterns, benefiting from the pouring and molding technology of silicone making, this time one of her new experimentations was to create her own color based patterns to create an icy bluish color scheme for the first set of the collection.


The idea behind the collection is the possessive ambition we women all practice when the one we love gets obsessively important. The glamorous pieces are all metaphors of this endeavor of monopolistic ownership, the emotional greediness we experience. The icy whites and blues represent the stage when we rather decide to isolate ourselves from the overwhelming nature of emotions. The golden and red pieces provide a releasing solution how to turn obsession into caring love by becoming queens in our relationship through understanding selfless giving instead of possessive dominance.


The shiny pieces are created by applying two different techniques depending on the desired outcome. For 2-sided glittery pieces and for those that only have glitter on their surface. Easy as it seems creating glittery pieces resulted to be a huge challenging experimentation process and yet there are plenty of ways to develop further.


Photography: Dobrin Marchev www.dobrinmarchev.com, Model: Ya Jagne @ Fenton Model Management, MUA: Anastasia Eisenberg


Paying attention to details, only noticeable for the trained eye developments included ‘hiding’ some removable sparkling silicone gems within the identical shaped rubber pockets, a little extra for which the technology was based in the previous collection ‘Splash’ liquid within the layers concept, planting the ground for further ideas to be implemented.


Common place as it is but there is no more suitable color than red to express passionate love. All in all every possessive endeavour ends up being choking and inconvenient even for the monarch herself, therefore she needs to learn how to embrace love within herself while allowing freedom and more importantly trust in the relationship. That is when the ice breaks and can be melt by the real warmth of love.